SMSF Succession Planning

I recently read the case Ioppolo v Conti [2015] WASCA 45 with interest. This case addresses a number of issues which need to be taken into consideration when devising a succession plan for your SMSF. Facts of Ioppolo v Conti In summary the facts of Ioppolo v Conti are: Mr and Mrs Conti were the

Can my attorney access my Will?

Recently, an enquirer contacted me to ask if they could access their mother’s Will, as they were acting as her attorney under an Enduring Power of Attorney. An Enduring Power of Attorney is a very important and complex document, and acting as an attorney should not be entered into lightly. When making an Enduring Power

What are the requirements for receiving a distribution from an estate?

I am often asked by clients both during the preparation of their Will, and in the administration of a deceased estate, what the requirements are for beneficiaries to receive a distribution from an estate. Succession Act 1981 (QLD) The Succession Act has several provisions surrounding beneficiaries receiving distributions from an estate. These include: Survive by