Key Issues To Include In Your Will

Anthony Keane published an article entitled “Have you the will to leave your family in peace?” in the Courier Mail on 13 June 2011. Anthony quotes Darren James of AMP Financial Planning. In the article Anthony summarises some of the key issues that Darren James considers should be included in the Will. All of the points

Why every property owner needs a Will

I was recently interviewed by Jemma Pearson of My Property Preview where she published an article entitled “Get it Write”. The article highlights the importance of reviewing your Wills when you purchase or sell property. I have highlighted in this post some of the important issues covered in the article. Mortgages on Property It is important

Codicil or New Will?

A codicil amends, rather than replaces, a previously executed Will. Such amendments may add or revoke small provisions of the Will, or may completely change the majority, or all, of the gifts under the Will. Historically, the concept of a codicil arose as a time saving exercise given the expectations that legal documents were to

How to Properly Sign a Will

I was recently at a professional development training day with Business and Estate Planning Specialists, when the question was raised as to how a Will can be validly executed. Formal Requirements for signing a Will Section 10 of the Succession Act (Queensland) deals with the formal requirements for the signing of a Will. I will