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Can my attorney access my Will?

Recently, an enquirer contacted me to ask if they could access their mother’s Will, as they were acting as her attorney under an Enduring Power of Attorney. An Enduring Power of Attorney is a very important and complex document, and acting as an attorney should not be entered into lightly. When making an Enduring Power

Competing Attorneys – What happens if I have two Enduring Powers of Attorney in place at the same time?

Recently I received an enquiry about what happens if a person appoints two Attorneys under two separate Enduring Powers of Attorney with the same terms, but at different times. If you have completed an Enduring Power of Attorney and forgotten about it, or if you have completed a new Enduring Power of Attorney without revoking

Duties of an Attorney

In part one of my series on abuse of Enduring Powers of Attorney I addressed what an Enduring Power of Attorney is, and how to make one. When you are contemplating signing an Enduring Power of Attorney, it is worth knowing what the duties of your Attorney will be, so that you know what to

Abuse of Enduring Powers of Attorney

I read an article recently about the Human Rights Commission issuing a new guide on how retirees can protect themselves against fraud. According to the Human Rights Commission, the creation of the guide was prompted by complaints from retirees that their savings and homes were being taken from them by relatives taking advantage of their